Action Script Flash Interview Questions

Action Script and Flash Interview Questions

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These questions are applicable for Action Script AS 1 As2 and AS3.0

How do you set Dates in a Flash MX Document?

How do you test the accessibility features of a user’s Flash Player so customized contents may be displayed?

How do you stop a movie clip?

How do you make an object dragable?

How do you create a movie that rotates dynamically?

How do you create a pop up window?

How do you open a PDF file from Flash MX?

What is the use of depth? how many methods for depth are available?

Difference between _root and _level

How do you make a Flash movie full screen?

How do you create a Flash MX form?

How do you load an external text file within Flash MX?

How do you create a drop down menu in Flash MX?

What is the difference between _root and parent?

Can you organize layers as in photoshop?

How do you start a graphic animation at a specific frame?

How to download Flash object embeded in HTML Page?

what is the other way of using Inheritance in flash?

what are the different design patterns available in flash?

There are two text fields on stage both are having same properties but still one is coming blurred y and how could u resolve it?

what is the use of new property condensed white in text?

Is it possible to create document or folder from flash? if yes then how?

What is use of preloader?

What are the different ways for creating preloaders

Difference between shared lib and shared objects

How do you change a cursor?

How can one draw a line with Action Script?

How do you detect the Flash player version?

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