Interview Questions on Networking

Interview Questions on Networking

Here are some interview questions on Networking - the topics covered include the following Networking categories:

Networking Protocols, Networking Administration, Networking Security, All other Networking categories

Interview Questions on the above Networking Categories

What is the opportunity in MCSE and CCNA ?

What is the command to start a service in Windows from command line?

How do you check the listening ports on a windows box? Command line.

what is uplink?

what is Organizer?

What is patch panel? what is the use

What is the Difference between Broadcast Domain and Collision Domain and where it is used ?

How can i check registry of the New Installing software.

What database Active directory contains?

What if the machine doesn't show entry in Network neighborhood and its showing it in Active directory users and computers?

Why LDAP is called light weight?

Why we called Active directory is active?

What are the properties of universal Trojan horses?

What defensive mechanisms for viruses can be encountered?

Name firewall architectures?

Describe the term intrusion detection in the context of IT security?

What is active Directory? what is main role in windows 2003 server?

What is the tcp/ip protocol number

what are the service primitives present in cn?

layers of osi model?

how to change mac address of a system ?

Does DNS use TCP or UDP or both?

What is the Importance of protocols in networking

What is the difference between tcp and ip?

what is the use of RAM and processor

how we can access 2 networks at a time from a system lets say 1)local network and 2)internet

why does blue screen of death occurs while installing the windows XP or any other OS installation

how to increase the ping packet size from 32 bytes to more bytes ?

why we need MAC address in data link layer?

Talk about different types of cables used in lan cabling?

Tell the correct definition of router, hub and switch and where do we use these?

what do you mean by gateway?

What is firewall?

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