Interview Tips, Questions and Preparation

How to prepare for an Interview - Interview Tips, Questions and Preparation

Guys, I am starting this post to share my thoughts and all your ideas and thoughts, including some important tips and real experiences about attending interviews in companies for software development and project management positions.

Kindly share the typical questions asked in interviews by small, large and MNC companies and the composition of interview panels, topics they focus on - common questions on software development, programming questions and project management topics.

If you did attend any written test as part of the Interview process then share those sample questions, to benefit everyone.

If you have experience in attending client, customer interviews for overseas positions then share some nice to say things in this process.

How do we negotiate salaries? how much should we ask? what must be the additional benefits you should look into in an HR interview. How do you sell yourself? What all you have to say about yourself.

Also, share some tips that everyone must go through to clear the technical and HR round of interviews - these tips to attend interviews can also include Do and Do Not's in an interview.

I hope that this post and the comments you share will benefit everyone who are looking out for a job and who are planning to change jobs.

With so many companies not doing so well and some IT companies also reducing their hiring count it is very important that you do well in your first interview attempt. Lot's of IT companies are going through layoffs.

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