Flex Interview Questions

Flex Generic Interview Questions - Answers are available in the comments section for some real questions

To know more about Adobe Flex, what is adobe flex? How to create Adobe Flex Applications? - you can read the material available on the following links - these are from the official Adobe site.


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Some very common questions
What is Flex? Adobe Flex?
What kind of applications you can create from Flex?
What is the output of Flex applications?
What development environment you need to create Flex applications?

Can you manipulate images using Flex programs?
Does Flex support creating workflow based applications?
What kind of data grids you can create through Flex applications?
How do you connect to a database via a Flex program?

What kind of source code integration tools are available with Flex?
What third party development tools are available to program in Flex?
Can you develop web based applications in Flex?
Is Flex OS specific or operating system independent?

Can we run Flex applications in MAC?
Do we need any plugins to run Flex applications?

Flex Technical Interview Questions:
Source from : http://grou.ps/flex/talks/13594

Is it possible to make httpService Requests synchronous?
I need to load an image from flickr into my application. Do I need a crossdomain.xml file on flickr?
What is the difference between httpService and Data Service?
How do you generate random numbers within a given limit with actionscript?

Have you built any components with actionscript? If so explain how you did it?
How do you implement push on a flex applications?
I am going to add images into a tag. How will it resize itself?

What is a resource Manager?
What are the similarities between java and flex
What is the dynamic keyword used for?
How do you implement push with flex data services?

What are the methods called when a UI component is intialized?
How do you implement drag and drop on components that do not support ondrag and ondrop?
Can you write to the file system from flex?
What is a drag manager?

How do you call javascript from Flex?
How do you use a repeater?
What are three ways to skin a component in flex?
How do you use css styles in flex?

What is the difference between sealed class and dynamic classes?
What is MVC and how do you relate it to flex apps?
What is state? what is the difference between states and ViewStack?
How does item renderer work? How do I add item renderer at runtime?

What keyword allows you to refer to private variables of a class?
How polymorphism works on actionscript?
How do you overload functions in action script?
What is dynamic keyword used for?

What are sealed classes ?
What are runtime shared libraries?
What is caringhorm ? how do you use it? Have you worked with Cairnghorn?
What keyword allows you to implement abstraction better?

What design patterns have you used? in Actionscript and java?
What's the difference between Java and AS3 getters and setters?
Explain how binding works in mxml components.
What's the difference between ChangeWatcher.watch, and BindingUtils.bindProperty?
Why would you want to keep a reference to a ChangeWatcher and call unwatch()?

How do you add event listeners in mxml components. Now AS3 components?
What does calling preventDefault() on an event do? How is this enforced?
Explain the lifecycle of a Cairngorm action.
What is the problem with calling setStyle()
Explain the difference between creating an effect and setting the target as opposed to adding an effectListener

How do you identify a component created in a repeater?

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saritha said...

where can i find the answers for these questions ?

Plz reply ASAP

joginder singh punia said...

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ramaswamy said...

Flex is an open source framework for using to develop the RichInternetApplications(RIA).flex applications are build in the FlexBuilder but flex Applications are run in FlashPlayer(CurrentVersion is 9) for webbased applications.and AdobeAir for desktop Applications. Flex Builder current version is the 3.
FlexBuilder Configuration:
if in your system already you have Eclipse IDE you can add some plugins to Eclipse plugins.otherwise else you can configure the all the plugins.FlexBuilder is the Eclipse based IDE.
in the FlexApplications contains the componets
there are generally two types of components
--------- : controls are the form elements such as Button,Label....
-----------: containers are the rectangulare region of the screen .that contains the controls and other containers.
here two types of the containers:
1)layout containers 2) Navigator container
layout containers:
1)Application Container:
is the basic Container for all flex Application development. this contains the some properties are
1)PageTitle 2)VerticalGap 3)HorizantalGap 4)PaddingTop 5)PaddingBottom 6)PaddingLeft 7)paddingRight VerticalGap is the default 6 pixles ,HorizantalGap is the default 8 pixles
and PaddingTop,Bottom,Left,Right is the default pixles are 24.
8)layout is the another property
layout contains the 1)absolute
absolute:required all the child container or controls to declare x and y specifications of the screen
vertical: visual elements are repergented vertically
Horizantal:Horizantal elements are repergented Horizantally.

appu said...

Question is CAn flex be run on Mac

Flex is platform independent so it can be run on any OS
When we develop a flex application a .swf (smart web format)file is generated which can be run on any browser.
As flex applications are produced with flash player we need Adobe Flash Player 9
No additional plugins are required to run flex applications.

appu said...

Question:How do u use css styles in flex?
Answer:One way is to declare a file called filename.css(filename can be anyhting but extension should be .css)
import it into your applciation by using
mx:Style tag with source="flex_root_directory/foldername/filename.css"

All the styles u declared for the components in the .css file will be applied to the current application components.

appu said...

Question is:
Can u manipulate imags using flex?
Yes we can resize ,rotate and put effects for the image.
Probably manipulate means to resize
this can be done by mx:Resize tag
to this we add the target as the id of the image and we have a button which has methods resizeid.end() resizeid.play() in the click event by which we can manipulate the image

appu said...

How does binding work in mxml components?

Data binding lets you pass data between client-side objects in an Adobe® Flex™ application. Binding automatically copies the value of a property of a source object to a property of a destination object when the source property changes.
For example u have a mx:textInput tag which has a id called input1
which takes a input if u need that input to another component u can have it by input1.text

Anonymous said...

How do you use a repeater?
There are many ways u can use a repeater one simple way of using them is to traverse the items in a list like array or arraycollection.
there is a component called mx:repeater to which the data provider is the array id
and the repeater has a label inside it for displaying the item and the current item can be displayed by repeaterid.currentItem and for the curent index repeaterid.currentIndex

appu said...

what is a view state?
At its simplest, a view state defines a particular view of a component. For example, a product thumbnail could have two view states; a base state with minimal information, and a "rich" state with links for more information or to add the item to a shopping cart.
The main thing in view state is when we change from one state to another we override the methods in the existing object.At any point of time only one object exists.
For example if we have a login form
which has three states only one object is created at any point of time.
States can be defined by using mx:state .

Anonymous said...

Whats a View Stack?A ViewStack n avigator container is made up of a collection of child containers that are stacked on top of each other, with only one container visible, or active, at a time. The ViewStack container does not define a built-in mechanism for users to switch the currently active container; you must use a LinkBar, TabBar, ButtonBar, or ToggleButtonBar control or build the logic yourself in ActionScript to let users change the currently active child.

appu said...

Difference between view state and View Stack?

In state only one object is present at run time the object takes different forms(switches between states).
View Stack contains a list of containers but only one is visible at a time.For example if there are 3 canvas present in a a view stack three objects are created but only one is displayed.

Anonymous said...

What are sealed classes?
The classes in action script where no properties or functions can be added at run time are called as sealed classes.We can take the example of String class in java which is final.

Anonymous said...

What keyword allow acces to private variables of a class?
"this" keyword

Anonymous said...

How do you identify components created in repeater?

event.currentTarget.getRepeaterItem() gives component created in repeater.