PHP mySQL Interview Questions

PHP mySQL Interview Questions - LAMP Interview Questions

PHP Interview Questions

1. What are the differences between Get and post methods in form submitting, give the case where we can use get and we can use post methods?

2. Who is the father of php and explain the changes in php versions?

3. How can we submit from without a submit button?

4. How many ways we can retrieve the date in result set of mysql using php?

5. What is the difference between mysql_fetch_object and mysql_fetch_array?

6. What is the difference between $message and $$message?

7. How can we extract string ' ' from a string '' using regular _expression of php?

8. How can we create a database using php and mysql?

9. What are the differences between require and include, include_once?

10. Can we use include ("abc.php") two times in a php page "makeit.php"?

mySQL Interview Questions

What is database testing and what we test in database testing?

How can we know the number of days between two given dates using MySQL?

What is the difference between CHAR and VARCHAR data types?

How many ways we can we find the current date using MySQL?

How many values can the SET function of MySQL take?

What is the maximum length of a table name, a database name, or a field name in MySQL?

How to determine the number of rows in the full result set and also restrict the number of rows that a query returns,without running a second query ?

What is the Use of "WITH ROLLUP" in Mysql?

Is MySQL better than MSSQL ? - Compare MySQL with Microsoft SQL Server - MSSQL

What is the use of i-am-a-dummy flag in MySql?

How many types of buffers does use MySQL?

Where MyISAM table is stored ?

How can we find the number of rows in a table using MySQL?

How can we encrypt and decrypt a data present in a MySQL table using MySQL?

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