Web Development using PHP Frameworks

Learn PHP Frameworks and develop websites and blog sites quickly

For every one who their career in website designing and website development, I want to suggest that they should look at their careers and preferably can select PHP as the language of their choice to develop the sites.

I am saying this because there are so many Content Management Systems (CMS) that have come up these days that rely on PHP. Most of these CMS are open source and there is a great potential for you to make a mark in this open source technologies.

Very popular PHP frameworks that are being used now a days are following - there are a lot more, I am just listing a few.

Wordpress (Blogging and Content Management Tool)

Joomla (Powerful Content Management Tool)

Drupal (Module based CMS Tool)

Blogger (Easy to use blogging tool)

TypePad (You can use and install customized blogging templates)

PHPBB (PHP based forum management and Bulletin Board sites)

These Technologies, as mentioned, are based on LAMP Technologies - Linux, Apache, MySQL and PHP - try learning these technologies - I have a list of interview questions that you can refer to in case you need to attend an interview in these areas.

If not as part of an organization, you can make your career individually by mastering any of the above PHP frameworks - since mostly everything is open source you can develop custom modules, plug-ins for these tools that will be used by many website developers or content managing teams.

There is a career in writing plug ins, modules, scripts,themes, templates, CSS that add rich features to any site.

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