Software Development Life Cycle Methodologies

Just an overview of Software Development Life Cycle Methodologies, also referred to as SDLC. Every software project will have to follow some kind of life cycle. In fact this applies just for every product development.

Some common SDLC methodologies

Waterfall Software Development Methodology
Iterative SDLC Methodology
Incremental SDLC
Incremental Waterfall
IBM Rational Unified Process - RUP
Microsoft Solutions Framework - MSF

Agile based Software Development Life Cycle Methodologies - like

Extreme Programming
Test Driven Development
Feature Driven Development

More on SDLC
Now this product development life cycle when applied to Software projects - new product development or maintenance then it is termed as SDLC. For freshers and experienced software professional it is very important to understand the different aspects of an SDLC.

Most of the Software companies - both software services and product development - are looking for peoples who not only have good technical knowledge but also posses some kind of an exposure to any of the standard industry followed Software development Life Cycle methodologies.

With many factors coming into play in today's Software industry - like distributed development, agile nature of work, communication barriers, teams from different cultural background, time to market, increasing demands to meet last minute changes and changing customer specifications etc - it has become very critical for software companies and individuals to adopt one or more SDLC and also to improve on the processes that are established around these life cycles.

So testing an individual's exposure to these aspects has become an important factor and is one of the measuring attribute in interviews these days.

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