Effort Estimation of Automation Testing

Effort Estimation of Automation Testing is very tricky and one has to consider few things in detail to arrive at the same. Here are some steps that need to be considered for the same: (Win Runner, QTP, Quick Test Pro, Selenium are the most common regression automation testing tools used these days.)

Identify the scope of automation test scripting

See how many of the manual test cases, test scenarios can actually be automated

Identify the steps in each test case

Count the number of data driven aspects, number of validations in each test case

Based on the above arrive at the size of the each test case in terms of small, medium or large

Best thing is to perform one automation test case and see the time it takes

Compare the size of the above test case and derive a numerical effort to the gorupings of the test cases - small, medium and large

Add some factors such as automation test framework, test data setup, test environment

As the size of the test steps increase there may be an increase in the complexity also, this could be one of the estimation attribute of automation testing

Add some management effort and test tool complexity to this effort

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