What is Cloud Computing | List of Cloud Service Providers

Know more about Cloud Computing and the list of Cloud Service Providers

If you want to know more about Cloud Computing and also check who are the existing Cloud Service Providers then read through the post below.

What is cloud computing:

Cloud Computing is a new and emerging style of way we use computer resources over the Internet. This new method is generally scalable and uses virtualized resources for the required services over the Internet. This style of computing combines Software as a Service (SAAS), Infrastructure as a Service (IAAS) and Platform as a Service (PAAS).

More and more enterprises and ISVs are coming out to explore the new concept and already Amazon, Google and Microsoft (Azure) provide services and products in this area.

For a complete list of Cloud computing infrastructure technology, solutions and servics provider:

To know more about Cloud Computing read this:

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I tried to click or at least copy and paste the link to cloud providers, but couldn't. I was curious if you included our PaaS, WorkXpress. www.workxpress.com