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With the market situation being not so good for software programmers, many of us are looking forward for some kind of software freelancing opportunities. In this regard I wanted to start some discussion and also explore the opportunities available all over the world for freelancing software projects.

There are many online websites from where you can get inputs on freelancing projects in web development and web designing. Whether you are a java web developer or .NET developer or a web development expert in php, mysql, html, jquery you can find tons of information on freelancing. One thing I also found interesting is about the number of sites that are available on bidding for projects.

You can individually bid for software projects that are available online. I know many freelance software professionals who got benefited from such sites, in fact there are small size software development companies that bid aggressively for these projects online and do get some sizable revenue from these sources.

Some of the sites that I was mentioning are:

I will keep updating this list and will add more to this as and when I get some valid information.

Infosys Aspirations 2020 : Campus Connect Information

Aspirations 2020 Campus Connect details and schedule dates from Infosys

Here are the details of Aspirations 2020 from Infosys, this program is an initiative from one of the top Software Exports company from India - Infosys Technologies Limited. To know more about this company visit:

Also See:

WIPRO WASE Software Development Jobs

About Aspirations 2020 - as taken from
Aspirations 2020 is a unique platform introduced by Infosys as part of its Campus Connect initiative to bring the best of engineering talent from across India together to interact, enjoy and learn from each other while winning a few accolades and fame in the bargain.

Engineering and MCA students from 473 Campus Connect colleges and partner colleges across 20 States & 19 different Zones will take up the Aspirations2020 challenge with great zeal.

Some important links to access Aspirations 2020 from across the different states of the country:

Aspirations 2020 ANDHRA PRADESH


Aspirations 2020 KARNATAKA

Aspirations 2020 KERALA



Aspirations 2020 TAMILNADU

All the best !

Make your own barcode from

Make your own bar code | What is a bar code

As you all know today is the 57th anniversary of Barcode and many online sites and people are celebrating its birthday. If you searched for anything today in Google you would have noticed a new bar code next to Google search box. This barcode is nothing but "Google".

Just like Google did this you can also generate a bar code for anything including your name - here is the resource for the same:

On the above site you can type any value and get your "Barcode Label Printer - Free Online Barcode Generator". This is really cool. It uses a set of parameters and then I guess some CGI script to generate an image that represents the value you entered. This image can then be scanned by the most common barcode readers to get the actual value of the code.

The application of bar code is immense these days and you can find it in many point of sales applications, application forms, records etc.

What is a barcode?
Here is the definition from Wikipedia about Barcode:
A barcode is an optical machine-readable representation of data.