List of Cross Platform Mobile Development Tools

If you are a mobile developer or an Software or IT services organization or an Independent Software Vendor (ISV) developing software products for Mobile end users then you need to know the latest developments in the software development tools in this area. There are different phones that mobile users use and also these are in different Operating Systems, platforms and in most cases organizations end up spending more money and resources in creating the same application to be running in different mobile phones.

Here is the list of cross platform mobile application development tools that you might be interested in exploring if you are facing similar challenges as mentioned above:

Corona -
IOS and Android

MoSync -
IOS, Android, Symbian, Blackberry

Sencha -
iPhone, Android, Blackberry

PhoneGap -
iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Symbian, Bada, WebOS

AppCelerator -
HTML5, javascript, php, ruby, iOS, Android etc

AppMobi -
HTML5, JavaScript and CSS3

RhoMobile -
iOS, Android, Windows Mobile, RIM and Symbian devices

Accenture Graduate Careers software jobs for freshers

If you have just completed your degree and looking for a good start in your career you can explore the Accenture graduate careers section for India openings, see here for more information:

The above positions will be for Consulting, Technology and Outsourcing Careers at Accenture.

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Application process:

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Top 10 Professional Services Automation Software Tools | PSA requirements

Please find here some of my thoughts on the leading PSA - Professional Services Automation Software Tools that are out there. Before we get to the details, let us see what should we typically see in a PSA tools.

Why PSA? What should a Professional Services automation tool must have - see below for some of the requirements of a good PSA tools

1. Comprehensive Project Management modules
2. Good Document management capabilities
3. Timesheet system or modules that help in time recording
4. Billing and invoicing modules
5. Good setup of organizational parameters including different cost centers
6. Integration with CRM systems right from the lead generation
7. Payroll systems
8. Time off - Leave management modules
9. Integration with accounting systems such as QuickBooks
10. Extensive reporting, revenue projections, resource projections, profitability etc.

It is expected to have good tutorials, help and documentation and support for all these systems. And more and more customers are looking for some kind of hosted/on the cloud kind of facility.

Based on some of the above, here are the top 10 PSA software tools

1. NetSuite - OpenAir,


3. Projector

4. QuickArrow - another NetSuite company

5. Tenrox

6. Atlantic Global


8. Autotask

9. Sage


TCS NextStep Campus Recruitment details

TCS - the largest and the top Indian Software company every years recruits many people including freshers through campus recruitments. This freshers program from Tata Consultancy Services is known as TCS NextStep. More information on this can be had from

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Selection and Application process:
1. Send your updated resume and cover letter to
2. Phone interview
3. Technical Interview
4. Management / HR Interview

Cognizant Off Campus recruitment details

Here is some information for freshers, experienced software professionals who are willing to apply for software jobs in the IT major Cognizant Technology Solutions. The details are related to the upcoming off campus drives to be scheduled in September 2011. For more information you can see

Also, for the 2011 batch students, they can register for off-campus drives to be scheduled after September 2011.

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Some top Project Management Software Tools

These days Project Management is becoming very important in successful execution of projects, these not only mean effective planning but also better project monitoring and control, good visibility and effective resource management, time sheet and task management and budget and cost projections.

Some of the tools that I came across which you can consider if you are evaluating to implement project management automation tools are:

1. Clarizen -
2. AtTask -
3. Daptiv -
4. Project Manager -
5. Celoxis -
6. Tenrox -
7. Comindwork -

If you are looking for some open source project management tools then you can also read this -
Top 25 Open Source Project Management Apps

Browser compatibility testing tools for web browser and mobile browser testing

These days all web developers face a challenge in ensuring the HTML or the web code that they develop runs on the most commonly used web browsers such as the different versions of Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari and Google Chrome. The challenge is not only on the web browsers but also with the growing number of mobile browsers it is important that these web applications can also run on the mobile browsers, this is not applicable for native mobile applications.

To ensure that the developers are productive while coding and also the testers save time in testing the application under different browsers to ensure browser compatibilities for the application under test it is important that there should be some tools for facilitating these testing/QA activities. This will not only save time for the developers and testers but will also save some time on the infrastructure team / IT Teams to maintain and install different versions of the browser + OS combination testing environments.

Some of the tools that I came across in this regard that software developers can consider using for the above questions and challenges.

List of Browser compatibility testing tools

1. BrowserShots
2. IE Tester
3. DotMobi Virtual Developer Lab
4. Adobe Browser Lab
5. CloudTesting
6. Browser Photo
7. Browsera
8. CrossBrowserTesting
9. BrowserCam - cross broswer compatibility tester, including testing on mobile browsers
10. Microsoft Expression Web SuperView

jQuery Interview Questions | Java Script Framework

What is jQuery, javascript interview questions

These days to provide a better user experience on the web there are many third party java script frameworks that are being used. Amongst the most common one is jQuery javascript. It not only provides simple methods to do many of the client side validations etc but also provides some good effects with minimum effort of implementation.

The end user is expected to be not so expert in javascript to understand and implement the jQuery framework. There are many jQuery plugins and jQuery scripts that are available which you can refer to and use and embed in your web applications or web sites.

If you plan to make an entry into the web development by learning the jQuery framework then please do some practice and also prepare some interview questions in Java Script frameworks like jQuery, prototype.js, scriptaculous etc.

You need to know some basic jQuery questions like

1. What is jQuery and what is its use
2. How can you jQuery in your applications
3. How can you get access to jQuery framework
4. What are the latest versions of the jQuery?
5. Are there any advance use of jQuery?
6. How can you do client side validations in jQuery
7. Can we implement Ajax functionality using jQuery Framework?
8. What are the most popular jQuery Plugins
9. How do you implement a slider, tab, contact form using jQuery
10. How are jQuery elements accessed in an HTML page?