jQuery Interview Questions | Java Script Framework

What is jQuery, javascript interview questions

These days to provide a better user experience on the web there are many third party java script frameworks that are being used. Amongst the most common one is jQuery javascript. It not only provides simple methods to do many of the client side validations etc but also provides some good effects with minimum effort of implementation.

The end user is expected to be not so expert in javascript to understand and implement the jQuery framework. There are many jQuery plugins and jQuery scripts that are available which you can refer to and use and embed in your web applications or web sites.

If you plan to make an entry into the web development by learning the jQuery framework then please do some practice and also prepare some interview questions in Java Script frameworks like jQuery, prototype.js, scriptaculous etc.

You need to know some basic jQuery questions like

1. What is jQuery and what is its use
2. How can you jQuery in your applications
3. How can you get access to jQuery framework
4. What are the latest versions of the jQuery?
5. Are there any advance use of jQuery?
6. How can you do client side validations in jQuery
7. Can we implement Ajax functionality using jQuery Framework?
8. What are the most popular jQuery Plugins
9. How do you implement a slider, tab, contact form using jQuery
10. How are jQuery elements accessed in an HTML page?

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