Browser compatibility testing tools for web browser and mobile browser testing

These days all web developers face a challenge in ensuring the HTML or the web code that they develop runs on the most commonly used web browsers such as the different versions of Internet Explorer, Mozilla Firefox, Apple Safari and Google Chrome. The challenge is not only on the web browsers but also with the growing number of mobile browsers it is important that these web applications can also run on the mobile browsers, this is not applicable for native mobile applications.

To ensure that the developers are productive while coding and also the testers save time in testing the application under different browsers to ensure browser compatibilities for the application under test it is important that there should be some tools for facilitating these testing/QA activities. This will not only save time for the developers and testers but will also save some time on the infrastructure team / IT Teams to maintain and install different versions of the browser + OS combination testing environments.

Some of the tools that I came across in this regard that software developers can consider using for the above questions and challenges.

List of Browser compatibility testing tools

1. BrowserShots
2. IE Tester
3. DotMobi Virtual Developer Lab
4. Adobe Browser Lab
5. CloudTesting
6. Browser Photo
7. Browsera
8. CrossBrowserTesting
9. BrowserCam - cross broswer compatibility tester, including testing on mobile browsers
10. Microsoft Expression Web SuperView

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