Top 10 Professional Services Automation Software Tools | PSA requirements

Please find here some of my thoughts on the leading PSA - Professional Services Automation Software Tools that are out there. Before we get to the details, let us see what should we typically see in a PSA tools.

Why PSA? What should a Professional Services automation tool must have - see below for some of the requirements of a good PSA tools

1. Comprehensive Project Management modules
2. Good Document management capabilities
3. Timesheet system or modules that help in time recording
4. Billing and invoicing modules
5. Good setup of organizational parameters including different cost centers
6. Integration with CRM systems right from the lead generation
7. Payroll systems
8. Time off - Leave management modules
9. Integration with accounting systems such as QuickBooks
10. Extensive reporting, revenue projections, resource projections, profitability etc.

It is expected to have good tutorials, help and documentation and support for all these systems. And more and more customers are looking for some kind of hosted/on the cloud kind of facility.

Based on some of the above, here are the top 10 PSA software tools

1. NetSuite - OpenAir,


3. Projector

4. QuickArrow - another NetSuite company

5. Tenrox

6. Atlantic Global


8. Autotask

9. Sage


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